May 21, 2007

Speculating on What Happened After the Jews of Radziejow Were Murdered.

The question must be asked what did the citizens of Radziejow do after their neighbors, the Jews, were forced into the Church, a place where the vast majority of the Jews of Radziejow had never stepped foot in, then, in turn, physically forced into the Nazi trucks to be murdered? I have no information. I do know there were no protests. There was no effort to save the Jews? Not one thing was done to stop the murder. Perhaps, the citizens of Radziejow were scared. That is not laudable but possibly understandable. As civilized humans we would hope that neighbors would do what was right, even if it meant danger to oneself and one’s family.

We do know there were many Poles who hated the Jews. That there were many Poles that helped the Nazis in this dirty work of abusing and facilitating the murder of Jews .

I do not blame all the citizens of Radziejow for these antisemites. Ironically, once the Jews were exterminated, the haters in your community, most logically, turned their evil on other parts of the community, to the detriment of Radziejow. Evil men do not stop until good people force them to behave in a civilized manner.

What I don’t understand is why the property of the Jews, both real and personal, was not held in trust for the victims and their relatives. This website contains all the evidence necessary for the citizens of Radziejow to begin the process of returning Ben Neuman’s property to his heirs. Thus far, it appears that the town officials have no intention of returning the stolen property. The only way Radziejow can move forward as a civilized community is to correct the wrongs of the past.

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