May 25, 2007

A Conspiracy of Silence!

I have emailed dozens of members of the Polish Senate, the President of Poland, and all the town officials of Radziejow. Except for one email, from someone that didn’t know that the subject matter was Jewish property, I have had zero responses. This can lead one to the logical conclusion that Poland in general, and Radziejow in particular, refuses to take responsibility for the sins of their fathers. I assume that the sins of their fathers because most of them were too young to be a party to the original theft of Jewish property. The children are now reaping the benefits of the hard work of Jews that had their property stolen by the current citizens of Radziejow’s uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, and grandparents. It is a shameful situation.

Perhaps, some of the residents living in stolen Jewish houses and utilizing stolen Jewish buildings, can somehow rationalize the situation by thinking that one cannot return property to someone that is not demanding it back. Even if they wanted to return the property there is no one to receive it.

This rationalization does not work in the case of Ben Neuman’s building. The Neumans have proven ownership. The Neumans have demanded the property back. The Estate of Ben Neuman expects that an honest civilized government would enforce Ben Neuman’s rights. Instead all in Poland are silent. All in Poland are hoping that by maintaining a conspiracy of silence eventually the Neumans will become silent like the Poles.

I must remind Poles and particularly the citizens of Radziejow that Jews never forget. In fact many of our holidays focus on our past oppressors. Haman and Pharoh to name a few. The Neumans will never forget. What was taken from us was not just our property but our families. We have wrongly been deprived of celebrating countless bithday parties, weddings, bar mitzahs, picnics, developing family love, and enjoying the fruits of family friendship. All stolen from us by the Nazis and their Polish helpers. The only way we can honor those that were murdered is by reminding the oppressors that their sins will always be remembered. The only way those in Poland that consider themselves honorable and true is to rectify the wrongs in any manner made available to them.

The Neuman’s do not have the power to place the sins of the fathers onto the children. But the Almighty can and does! What the Neumans can do is demand what is rightfully ours and expect that people that claim decency and civil rights to all men, honor the just demands of the Neumans.

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