June 3, 2007

No Compensation Legislation in Poland

Poland, a so called democracy, has done everything in its power to avoid paying compensation for property stolen from Jews, now in the hands of some “lucky” Poles. They think they won the lotto when the Germans took the Jews away, leaving all their real and personal property behind. Yes, the Poles want to keep all the stolen property without even giving a thought to those poor victims. These victims were once citizens of Poand, that were tortured, gassed and murdered by the Nazis with the help and complicity of many Poles. Even the leaders of Germany figured out that one must return stolen property. But Poland, a member of NATO, feels it a just thing to keep the stolen property. What is the leaders of Poland thinking? Perhaps they are thinking, “well, it was only the property of Jews!” “Sure they were our neighbors and citizens of our country, but they weren’t Christians, so they don’t really count.” Shame on you. By not facing your own responsibilities, how can you seek justice for your country. Poland, in the eyes of people that want to be on the side of good, will always be considered a backward evil country. The good people of the world will remember how you treated the Jews in the past and now the present. It is time that the leaders of Poland take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

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