July 17, 2007


Our building does not exist in a vacuum. We have neighbors with businesses right next to our buildng located at 7 Rynek Street, Radziejow, Poland. We ask our fellow business people that work at ZUH Miroslaw Bromberkowski, located right down the street, at 5 Rynek, Radziejow, to tell the people living in our building that they are utilizing stolen property. Just as ZUH wouldn’t like that someone would steal their heating equipment and furnaces that they have in stock, the Neumans are very upset when people steal our property. We ask our neighbors, PH IGOR, a clothing store, located at Rynek 8, Radziejow, to tell us about our illegal squatting tenants. They should ask them, “How can one steal the property of people that were tortured and murdered?” We ask the employees at Skok Kjawiak, a financial institution located at 4 Rynek, Radziejow, that they tell the people doing business on our property, that it is morally wrong that they do not pay rent to the Neumans. Yes our neighbors should live up to their responsiblities as moral humans and demand that the Neuman family get their property back, ASAP.

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