August 10, 2007

My Father – Holocaust Survivor – My Hero!

How does one watch ones entire family slaughtered, ones property stolen, one being treated like a mouse in a dog pound, one experiencing the very community where one has lived, seemingly forever, now completely destroyed, one be labeled persona non grata in ones very own house, and one survive extermination only to find that ones own neighbors are planning ones own murder. That is what my Father, may he rest in peace, experienced in his short life on this planet. Despite all of this, he married and had children.
As a child I would watch my father sleep with his legs moving in churning motion. My mother would explain that he was running in his sleep from the Nazis and Poles. My father had the courage to have children, knowing that just a short time ago he witnessed his nephews and nieces murdered. Amazingly, knowing what he knew, he still chose to have children. His mind was always returning to the nightmare of his days in Poland, spending four years actually running and hiding to survive.
My Father is my hero, because if I was forced to experience his pains, I don’t believe that I would have been able to move on with my life. Yes, if I was my father then I would never be born. The courage my Father displayed ranks him with the bravest men ever to live.

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