August 15, 2007

The Official Nazi List of the Jews Forced to Live in Radziejow’s Ghetto!

A list of those Jews confined to Radziejow’s Jewish Ghetto established by the Nazi in 1940 has the entries of my family members. Go to page 5, numbers 386 to 392 and you will find the names of my Father, Binem, my Grandfather, Shimon, my aunts, Gutcha and Malka, and uncles, Manas, Azriel and Shmuel. The Ghetto lasted for approximately one year. Then it was liquidated. Everyone was sent to Chelmo Extermination Camp. Within a week the people on the list were murdered in gas trucks. Only two of my family members on this list were not slaughtered by the Nazis, my Father and Grandfather. My Father, was sent to a labor camp prior to the final liquidation of the Ghetto that took place in April of 1941. He eventually escaped the labor camp and was on the run the entire war. My Grandfather, died of “natural causes”. Those causes being that he was ill, a German doctor examined him, gave him an injection “to help”, and he died the following day.
This historic document is a reminder to today’s citizens of Radziejow that you cannot erase history. Apparently, some of your citizens tried. They took down our Mizuzahs that adorned every Jewish doorpost, removed the monuments in the cemetery to make the Jewish property look like an ordinary field, threw away all the Jewish books, melted down the silver of our precious Jewish Menorahs and Shabbat Candle Sticks, etc… . But alas, you have failed. There remains evidence of the Jewish community of Radziejow. The Neuman family is dedicated to preserving the memories of all of our landsman, our fellow Jews, that lived in this once vibrant Jewish community.

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