August 20, 2007

A Call for Assistance from our “Good Neighbors” in Radziejow.

This site is dedicated to the Jews of Radziejow. The townsfolk of Radziejow has not seen it fit to set up a memorial or a museum to their slaughtered Jewish Community. Therefore, this website, for the time being, is a virtual museum to the destroyed Jewish community. We ask our “good neighbors” that do not associate with the past and current anti-semitic element of Radziejow to scan and send any pictures and documents pertaining to the Jews living in Radziejow prior to World War II and during World War II. Please send these documents to Likewise, please forward pictures and documents of the Jewish Cemetery along with pictures of any monuments and headstones that may be found discarded in fields, or used as raw materials for walls and sidewalks. Also, please send pictures of the interior and exterior of 7 Rynek Street. Any such assistance will at least serve as a partial atonement for the ongoing tragedy of the community.

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