September 11, 2007

Radziejow How Boring, Without Jews Celebrating the Jewish New Year!

The minority of antisemitic citizens of Radziejow are most happy to be Jew free and not bothered by the Jews celebrating the New Year. However, the majority of old timers probably miss the Jews as they readied themselves to celebrate Rosh HaShanah! What a wonderful time it was for the village. The Jews dressed in their best clothes walking in the town center. The sounds of singing from the Shul and the homes of all the Jewish townspeople. Hearing the words, Shanah Tova and a Goot Year being said to all. Those were the sights and sounds of Radziejow as late as 1938. This all changed in 1939, Two weeks before Rosh HaShanah, according the Jewish calendar, Poland was invaded. By Rosh HaShanah the town of Radziejow was occupied. I do not know whether services were held at the new Shul, see the picture on this web site, during Rosh HaShanah of 1939. I am sure the majority of Jews were wrongly optimistic it what was to be their future. In less than 2 years the vast majority of Jews of Radziejow would be murdered by the Nazis with the help of some Poles. The result was a temporary high for the citizens of Radziejow in stealing all the Jewish property left behind. However, in retrospect, was this immoral behavior worth it? In 2007, this Rosh HaShanah will pass without the fun and novelty of the Jews celebrating their New Year. The gentiles in other cities around the world are enjoying themselves watching their fellow citizens celebrate. But in Radziejow, it just another dull day.

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