October 10, 2007

Voice Recordings of Ben Neuman’s Holocaust Experience Interview!

Several hours of Ben Neuman’s experience in Poland will be featured in the next several blogs. Ben Neuman’s story of the good and bad Polish neighbors during the Holocaust will be presented. There are several surprises. Among them, how he survived, which of his fellow citizens provided him with food and shelter and which neighbors collaborated with the Nazis. His story tells about righteous gentiles, many of whom were very poor. Some of these people and decendants still live in Poland today.
We will begin with the period just prior to the war. The Neumans sold leather goods to both the general public and shoemakers. Shimon Neuman was well respected by all of his neighbors. He never had to fear walking to Shul on Shabbos like several other Jews of Radziejow. In fact, the gentiles would look out their window and marvel as he war his dress capote (Coat), his hat and shining shoes.
Shimon Neuman was a Radomsker Chasid. He followed the Rebbe that resided in the city of Radom, Poland. He would travel to the town of Radom for the Rebbe’s advice about personal matters. For example, one of the Neuman daughter’s was having trouble giving birth because she was very petite.. Shimon Neuman travelled to Radom for help. It was difficult to get an appointment with the Rebbe. However, upon paying the proper people he finally got an audience. The Rebbe listened to the problem came up with a novel solution. Buy a chicken and give it to the poorest member of the Radziejow community. Shimon Neuman promptly complied. Subsequently, his daughter gave birth to a healthy baby. (to be continued).

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