July 27, 2008


The authorities in Poland on both the federal and local levels don’t want to return the Neuman’s porperty or any Jew’s rightfully owned property. Poland has developed a catch 22 scenario. On one hand, they demand that any one claiming their property must utilize the existing judicial process. On the other hand, this judicial process is not available for non citizen’s of Poland. The result is that the Poles have developed procedures that quash any attempt for Justice. Thus, this website is properly named, Poland Injustice. Com.

The people of Radziejow must look into their very souls and ask the question, Why did we steal the Neuman’s Property? Certainly their is no moral justification for taking someones property that has a lawful right to their property. In our case, the deed, as shown on the website, is a post World War II court order stating that Neuman family property is owned by my now deceased father. Isn’t that sufficient evidence that the property is owned by the Neuman family.
If the argument is that my father by fleeing Poland abandoned the property one must ask is their any justification for his actions? The answer is a clear YES, the local thugs of the area decided to kill my father, a police officer, because he was a Jew. My father was warned that this was to occur that very night. The warning came to him from a fellow police officer. My father had no other choice but to flee that very night in 1946.

Do the people of Radziejow feel that his fleeing to save his life is sufficient justification from stealing the property of one of the finest citizens of the town. Truly, my grandfather, the owner of the property, Shimon Neuman, was one of the most respected men in town. His piety was well known among the non Jewish population. If the citizens of Radziejow do no believe this, then ask one of the few remaining survivors of World War II that still live in your town! Ask the oldest Catholic Priest that served in the church that was less than 300 meters away from our building.

The bottom line is that the Neumans, now living in America, are giving the Poles and especially the citizens of Radziejow the opportunity to do what is right.

Some things that the people of Radziejow should be working on right now is restoring the Jewish Cemetery, making a memorial for the Jews of Radziejow that were murdered during the war and finally returning all Jewish property to the descendants of the murdered Jews, when and if they demand it.

The Neumans demand the return of their property, NOW!

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