February 19, 2009

New Pictures from Radziejow

A reader of this blog just sent me a series of pictures of Radziejow. They appear to be from 1920 to 1942. One picture startled me. It was a picture of the Jewish cemetery. In this picture I can see in the background the grave markers of my grandmother and great grandfather. Those pictures match the pictures already on the website. I cannot date the picture sent to me because it is unclear whether the fence behind my Grandmother’s grave marker in my originally posted picture was there when she passed away or came after. Or was the fence removed during or after World War II.
Another picture of note is that of the purported blasted Synagogue. The Nazis destroyed the Synagogue during the Ghetto period (see previous post). It looks different then the picture in my posted picture of the Synagogue taken at the dedication of the Synagogue. However, this picture may be a different angle. Anyone who can enlighten me on this issue please comment.
There pictures of Nazis in the town square. The pictures are plain scary. The Nazis seem organized and in charge. The Jews must have been very fearful looking at this evil power.
There are pictures of the little villages in the vicinity Radziejow that saved my father during his time of hiding. The poor peasants kept my father alive by giving him food and clothing. The Neuman’s will forever being indebted to these good people.

There are more pictures that I will soon post. Stay tuned!

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