February 20, 2009


This picture taken in Radziejow shows a Nazi standing in a store front. It would appear that this is a storefront in the town square. The Neuman building is located in the town square where the majority of Radziejow stores were located. There appears to be a sign missing judging by the two visible pegs located above the Nazi’s head. The window area looks new. In the 1930s there was a fire in the Neuman Building and as result the store was rebuilt. Likewise, you can see in this picture a second store. There was a second storefront in the Neuman building. Therefore, there is a good chance this may be the Neuman Building.
It is quite possible that this Nazi was one of the tormenters of the Jews of Radziejow in general and the Neuman family in particular. His face indicates that he has great satisfaction in his evil work. His face shows that he has no idea what will soon happen to him when the Allies destroy his Army and his great Aryan dream.
The two men standing in the second storefront tell a different story. The two men are not Jewish because they do not bear the Star of David on their coats as required my the Nazis. These two men seem to be smirking. Is that because they just got a free bee when they took possession of a Jewish store. That these two men stole Jewish property. Anyone from Radziejow that can recognize these two Polish collaborators/traitors should comment.

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