February 23, 2009

Is This a Picture of the Mansion Which Sheltered My Father?

This picture was sent to me by one of our readers. It is possible that this is the actual house that my father stayed in during the end of the war. My father related that it was a mansion. Also, that he stayed in the deceased son’s bedroom of the German owner and his “Polish Princess”. The bedroom was located in the attic. I questioned my father why would a rich person put their son in the attic. My father then described the attic as beautiful with a wonderful view. Please note that the Attic of this house does look splendid, with about four windows to look out.
The property also has, what appears to be, a long barn in the background. That barn could be the one my father described as the gigantic barn where he stayed in and met the German’s son, an officer in the German Army. There the officer made my father pledge that he would help his father after the war.

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