March 19, 2009

What Does Radziejow Look Like Today!

Some of my readers have expressed interest in what does Radziejow look like today. Well, there are no synagogues, no kosher bakeries, no kosher butchers, no Jewish day schools, no stores owned by Jews, no Jewish cemetery, no yeshivas, no rabbis, no yiddish, etc… . In my opinion, it must look and sound very boring.
The video made by Lenny Marcus back about 25 years ago showed a town that didn’t progress since World War II, save a much nicer town square. A reader of this blog has sent me a series of photographs of modern Radziejow of today. For those who are interested it is my pleasure to show you the streets of Radziejow today.
I included a picture of what the area around Radziejow looks like in the winter to give the reader an understanding of the extreme weather my father had to endure WITHOUT shelter!

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