March 23, 2009

How did the Nazis Murder the Jews of Radziejow

While reviewing Lenny Marcus’s documentary he gives a different version than the one found by researching the matter of the liquidation of the Radziejow Ghetto.
Marcus states in his documentary film that the Jews of Radziejow were taken from the town square and forced to walk passed the Neuman building and continue to the church. Marcus followed the route with his camera showing the same buildings that the Jews passed. The Jews were then assembled and taken from the church in sealed trucks that killed the Jews by pumping carbon monoxide into the passenger area. The trucks drove to Kolo where they were buried. Marcus actually drives along the route, filming the way, and spiritually relived the events. The place of burial has a large memorial, a concrete roof that is supported by two pillars. On the side of the memorial, in Polish, it states “Remember”. I believe that the other writings on the sides of this concrete roof are the names of the communities where the murdered Jews come from. Tragically, Marcus mentions, that there is a cross at the entrance of this memorial for Jews.
When searching the Internet for an account of what happened on that tragic day it appears that another version is recorded to that of Lenny Marcus. The internet version states that the liquidation of the Ghetto was done by shipping the Jews by rail to Chelmo. In Chelmo they were murdered by being given a “death ride” in the Chelmo gas trucks.
One may ask: “So which version is correct?” ” Does it matter how they were killed? ” “Is Chelmo and Kolo the same? ” “Did the gas trucks originally come from Chelmo so the statistics are attributed to the extermination camp of Chelmo?” “Where did the information about the slaughter of our people come from?”
One thing is for sure, none of the Jews that were in those trucks survived to tell the story. The Poles of Radziejow did not follow the trucks. The drivers of the trucks aren’t about to confess this information.

The images are Holocaust victims from the city of Lodz and the gas van is not necessarily the same one that was used to murder the Jews of Radziejow. The pictures portray the same thing that happened in Radziejow the Jews were either placed in gas vans as Mr. Marcus stated or transported to Chelmo by truck and then possibly train as the Internet research seems to indicate. Either way, the Jews were led on a journey to be slaughtered.
Yetka Wagner, in her definitive account of Radziejow and the Holocaust, states that the Jews were rounded up and then taken to the Church. They spent the night in the Church without either food and water. The next day they were transported by trucks to Chelmo. There they were stripped and placed in the back of gas vans. They died from the piped in exhaust from the motor of the vehicles.
I believe the version of Yeka Wagner is the correct version because she was actually present in the town at the time of the liquidation of the Ghetto. Her information was given to her by a Pole that visited the Chelmo area at the time of the liquidation. The sources on the Internet may or may not be reliable. It is now your turn to decide how the Nazis murdered the Jews of Radziejow!

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