March 24, 2009

The Neuman Building

These pictures of the Neuman’s building were taken in the 1980s by Lenny Marcus. The building is a two story structure with an attic and basement. It is a relatively large building located next to the market square. There is an entrance in the front and side and presumably the back. The front part of the building was used for the Neuman’s business. The family enterprise sold leather for shoes, shoes, and findings. The leather was sold to local shoe makers. Those same shoemakers helped my father to survive the Holocaust. Behind the store on the first floor was a storage room, kitchen and living area. The family spent most of there time in the kitchen. All the bedrooms were located on the second floor. As per the custom of that time, the children slept two to a bed.
In that building, my father lived with his mother, Hinda and his father, Shimon, and his siblings, Harry, Max, Shmeil, Michal, Azriel, Masha, Rivka, Gucha , Ruta, and Malka. They spent every Sabbath together. On Saturday mornings, upon returning from shul, the Neuman’s sat around the table and ate hot chulant. If the walls could only talk to me and tell of all the laughter and joy that took place there before the Nazis.
The long street view is the street which the Jews of Radziejow were forced to walk until reaching the church. At the church, the Jews were placed into gas vans and murdered.

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