April 21, 2009

Holocaust Rememberance Day and the Day the Radziejow Ghetto was Liquidated.

At dawn on an April Spring day, the shouts of the Nazis JUDEN RAUS!!! was heard throughout the one street Jewish Ghetto in Radziejow. Jews were stunned. Women, children, old people and infants were physically thrown out of their houses. The Nazis rounded up all the Jews living in the Ghetto and forced them together in Market Square. From Market Square they were taken to the Church. The Jews were locked within the church without food and water. They spent the night at the Church. The next day they were sent to the Chelmo Extermination Camp. There is a controversy whether they were sent to Chelmo in Gas Vans or whether they were taken by trucks to Chelmo, stripped of their clothes and belongings and then loaded into Gas Vans to be killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. An entire community was wiped out. The only survivors were those that either fled the Ghetto at the time of the roundup or those that were not present on this most tragic day. My Father was at a work camp at the time of the liquidation of the Ghetto. His friends that he grew up with, were for the most part, not as fortunate.
Today we mark the murder of Jews by the hand of the Nazis. We call it Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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