April 24, 2009

Comments to this Blog

I believe in free speech and the rights of those that disagree with my position. Thus, as of yet, I have never deleted a comment sent to this blog. Unfortunately a few readers have taken advantage of my position. They find it brave to portray the three million Polish Jews killed during the War as deserving of such a fate. I truly feel sorry for such people. They are destined to be manipulated by future dictators to do things that they will regret when they meet our Maker.
One such writer to this blog feels that by bad mouthing my Father, may he rest in peace, he has performed a service to the World. Such people are immediately recognized for what they are, demagogues. My Father survived the Holocaust only by the grace of G-d. His family never harmed anyone and lived a truly holy life on this Planet. My Grandfather spent all of his time studying holy books and only behaving as G-d has told him to in the Bible.
To try to label my father as some sort of evil person is beyond me. The blogger admits that he bases his position only on a picture that I posted. That type of thinking borders on the ridiculous. People take pictures for a variety of reasons, For example one might think that holding a gun is “funny”, “interesting”, “macho”, “controversial”, etc…. That doesn’t make them evil. By not recognizing this, the one who tries to attribute motive to such a picture is in blatant disregard for the truth. This type of thought process is one of the reasons that Hitler was able to perpetrate the ultimate evil, the Holocaust.
The writers of these terrible comments fail to acknowledge that the Soviets liberated Poland from the Nazis. Whether the writers preferred Nazi oppression as opposed to Soviet oppression is telling. The Soviets did not build gas chambers the Nazis built gas chambers. It was the Nazis that killed millions of Poles. I agree that the Soviets did many many bad things to the Poles. But as bad as the Soviets were, the Soviet’s evil pales in comparison to the Nazis. Yes evil is bad, period. It should never be tolerated. But, the World must acknowledge that the Soviets, by their own blood, stopped the greatest evil ever known to mankind.
Getting back to the subject at hand, if my father served as a Police officer for one year in the town of Radziejow, that does not make him a Soviet pawn. Rather, he was drafted into this service and barely escaped when his life was jeopardized by those that opposed the Soviets.
The bottom line is that I hope that those that hate me or my father for trying to reclaim his property would try and think about what they are writing to this blog site from a rational point of view instead of pure hatred!

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