August 21, 2009

Update On the Return of the Neuman Property

From time to time I feel it is necessary to report to our readers how Poland is standing up for justice. We expect a modern country as well as the municipality of Radziejow to desire that the world sees how moral a people the Poles our. Sadly, I must inform you that both the Polish government and the good citizens of Radziejow have ignored our requests for our property to be returned. I am sure they have a good reason, but they don’t feel it necessary to share that reason with the Neumans. Since I don’t have any information from these people, I can only guess. Those guesses I will now share with you.

1. We would like to give the Neuman’s their property back, but we would like, even more, to keep the property.

2. It would not be in the Neuman’s interest to give back the property, it would be a burden for them.

3. There is no facilities for Jews in our town, so why start.

4. The Mayor of Radziejow has an eye on this prime piece of real estate.

5. Jews just don’t maintain property.

6. We like Jews, but keep them far away from us. Warsaw would be better for them, anyway. There, we can keep an eye on them.

7. Finders keepers losers weepers.

I can go on and on. The bottom line is if the good citizens of Poland and our Radziejow neighbors don’t reply to our honest request, we will be free to speculate on their reasons why they refuse to do what is right.

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  • hey, people of Radziejow has nothing to do with it. I is just case of courts and law. Mind that Eastern European situation is very complex and confusing. Poles on the same basis should be claiming land in ukrain, belarus, lativia and russia. But we all understand that some things are lost after the WW2.
    Anyway do not hate on Poland and People. Wish you luck anyway.

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