December 3, 2009

Number of Jewish Artifacts Received – Zero!

In late September I requested from the good people of Radziejow to send to my office remaining Jewish artifacts. There is little doubt that the Church where the Jews of Radziejow were forced to go into before being shipped to the gassing stations must have retained some of the articles. What about all the mezuzot that must have been left in Radziejow. Each Jewish household had several mezuzot since a Jew must place a Mezuzah on every doorpost. Therefore there were thousands of mezuzot. Where are they? The list can go on forever of those Jewish items that have no value to non-Jews should have been saved by the gentiles of Radziejow. The non-Jews wouldn’t know what to do with these items. So, look in your attics and basements and start shipping out Jewish items. Be it shabbos candlesticks, challah knives, washing cups, torahs, holy books, kiddish cups, estrog containers, etc… . While your donation is probably not tax deductible it may help in bridging the gap between the families of survivors and those people that are now living in the survivors’ homes.


  • You better wake up man! Nobody is hating u in Poland cause you are Jew.
    I can understand you are irritated, but the thing is that everywhere in Europe u would have same troubles which getting back the real property.
    Plus propobly you are not speaking Polish even, which gonna make everything much more harder!!
    WW2 and then communism screw Poland up! We slowly but surely recover but that needs a time.
    AND PLEASE, DON'T WRITE THAT POLES WERE HATING JEWS SO MUCH. AFTER ALL POLAND WAS OUR COMMON MOTHERLAND. For your grand parents as well for mine. If not Poland, Jews from europe propobly be all murderd by Catolic Church. We gave you shelter.
    I hope You gonna get back your House, and hope you start to like Poland more.
    Best wishes
    Piotr (Peter)

  • How many Polish artifacts have survived the war and remained in Polish hands?? Come to Cracow, see the Royal Castle there: it's a beautiful castle but it's almost empty, nothing was left. Everything was stolen by either Germans or Russians.
    The Jewish artifacts you mention were probably destroyed by the Germans. If it presented any value it was probably stolen.
    Besides, you've got no right to claim those items, so no wonder nobody sent anything to you. Especially, if you consider that you write things that are downright offensive to the people of Radziejowice.

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