March 2, 2010

Hope is On the Horizon!

In what can only be referred to as a positive development several poles are looking into the matter of the Neuman’s recovering their property. These poles, who for the time being will remain anonymous, are reviewing the town records. I have already reviewed the city plans of Radziejow completed prior to World War II. We have been able to identify the proper parcel. The research is bringing to light many interesting facts! Once, the investigation is completed, a plan of action will be developed. The citizens of Radziejow are invited to join this committee to see that justice is finally done.

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  • Oh, so you have some poles now working for you… Good, good…

    What kind of poles?
    Electrick poles?
    Northern or Southern poles?

    Or maybe the Poles from Radziejow who simply live there or nearby?

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