July 28, 2010

Shame On You, For Manipulating the Website’s Poll

An unknown person has decided to vote multiple times in our web site’s poll in order to make it appear that Poland is not unjust. The reason we know that the poll has been manipulated is that from the poll’s inception the numbers were consistently around 70% voting that statement that Poland is unjust was true and 30% disagreeing with that statement. In recent months those numbers have drastically changed by the use of poll manipulation. Of course, I could change the polls statistics with the “stroke of a key”. However, I choose not to. I want the world to know that antisemitism is alive and well in this world and it may in fact be coming out of Poland. The readers don’t need to look at the poll to know that stealing from the weak is always wrong! So Knock yourself! I believe that you personify the definition of a FOOL since the only one you are fooling is yourself!

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  • Its a pitty your daddy never told tou what sort of "polish" militia was he in..Poor naive man your daddy was killing polish patriots cos this was a communist stalinist militia!I know you will not publish my post anyway cos it doesnt suit your only right point of view.

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