October 27, 2010


Yesterday, I did a search over the Internet concerning this blog and found some very disturbing comments about my father and me. Many of those statements can be found in the polish forum website. I will answer some of these obvious rancid statements made by Poles that dislike Jews. I will paraphrase what they claim and then give my response. I want to make it clear, my blog was not created to make money or condemn Poles. The reasons for the website are two fold, one to remember and two, to give the good citizens of Radziejow the opportunity to right an act of injustice!

1. I am stupid because I can’t read polish and the court order posted on the blog awards only 1/2 of the Property.

Answer: Yes, it is true that I can’t read Polish, but that doesn’t make me stupid. A person that makes statements should be able to back such statements. One that cannot back up his statements may have acted “stupidly” but doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is stupid. All my statements on my blog are backed up by facts. Further, I am a Juris Doctor. The purpose of my blog, is not to condemn Poland. In fact, I posted several articles that state that Poles saved my father. For that I am very grateful. The demand for justice doesn’t have anything to do with all Poles. I only wish to claim what is due my father and nothing more.

2. The Judge was probably a commie and a Jew that ordered the property to be returned and further the property was probably not even owned by my father but rather he was stealing it from other Jews.

Answer: Such statements are beyond the pale of human discourse. On what basis did the author determine that the Judge was a Jew? And even if he was a Jew does that mean that all orders issued by judges that are Jewish are null and void. Is it this “intelligent” person’s position that all orders issued by any court during the period when Poland was controlled by communists is null and void. That would lead to chaos because any person that had his property rights adjudicated in Poland during that period doesn’t have any rights to their property. Remember, this order was based on the land registry listing my Grandfather as the owner of the property. That land registry was officially compiled prior to the War. Finally, why would any “intelligent” person make a statement that my father wrongly acquired property without any evidence other than his only personal hatred of all Jews.

3. The request for personal articles owned by Jews is an attempt to get gold from the Poles and that such articles should be sent to a synagogue.

My request for mezuahs, Torahs, pictures, etc… was made so I can have some connection with Radziejow. My intent was to give any items sent to me to the Holocaust Museum in Chicago. So far I have not received any items so the request remains open.

4. My father was a member of the communist militia and therefore he deserves to be punished.

When my father was liberated by the Russians near the end of the War, my father was given two choices by the liberators, one, become a front line soldier in the Russian Army or stay in town and become a police officer. My father explained to his liberators that because of the Holocaust he only weighed 114 pounds and did not have the strength to fight. So, the Russians forced my father to be a police officer in Radziejow. He left Radziejow shortly after the war was over because his life was in danger. To turn my father into some evil person in order to justify ones own prejudices is not a very nice thing to do!

Good citizens of Poland, you still have a problem with antisemitism. Please, come to my defense and help me with my noble cause.

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