December 20, 2010

More Evidence of our Property Claim – History of the Jews of Radziejow

The Virtual Shtetl Website,,history/, created by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, has an extensive article
concerning the Jews of Radziejow from 1432 to after the War. In that history you will find the name Szymon Neijman, my Grandfather, and Szmul Nejman, my uncle. This evidence gathered from independent sources is just another proof I have presented that our claim concerning Jewish property in Radziejow is based on historical facts and not, as some antisemites have claimed, some sort of plot to unjustly extort the good citizens of Radziejow. The detailed list of property owners is a list of my relatives and my father’s good friends that he often spoke of as I grew up. Grojnowski, Wagner (the book “A Promise Kept”), and Frankenberg are just a few of these names.

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