December 20, 2010

Radziejow – Wake Up!

It is time for the young people of Radziejow to start asking questions of their grandparents. Where are all the Jews that once lived here? Why did we not help them during the Holocaust? What did our Church do to protect the Jews of Radziejow? Where are the Jews houses of worship? Where is their cemetery? Why didn’t we try to encourage them to stay in our town after the War? After the War, why did we not seek out and return all property owned by the Jews before the War? Why do we not officially respond to the request of the family of a fellow citizen of our town to return their property?
Unfortunately, you will not get honest answers. There are two streams of thought. There are good citizens of Radziejow and bad citizens of Radziejow. The bad citizens of Radziejow might try to blame the War on the Jews? They might say that the Jews had it coming? They might say that they were communists, so good riddens! The good citizens won’t answer because they are embarassed about their conduct during the War. The good citizens of Radziejow, in their hearts, wish that they could have behaved differently before and after the War. The bad citizens of Radziejow could care less. Hitler did them a favor by getting rid of the Jews. They believe that Radziejow is better off without Jews.
The question the young people of Radziejow should be asking is how can Jewish children be evil communists? The Jews had no power so if they were so bad and evil why didn’t we just get rid of them before the War?
The young people of Radziejow should stand up and try to correct the mistakes of their parents and grandparents. The young people of Radziejow should seek out the survivors of the Holocaust and their families and ask them to return and take possession of their property. The young people of Radziejow should do what is right so that their children will one day be proud of the actions of their parents!

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