August 2, 2011

What did Radziejow lose with the loss of its Jewish community?

While it appears that life has stagnated in Radziejow, the survivors of the Jewish Community of Radziejow that immigrated to the United States are very successful. How do I know this? I look at my own family, the Neumans, for some perspective.

I am a lawyer, and my children are respectfully a doctor and a lawyer. My sister is a teacher, and one of her daughters is an international marketing executive and the other is a teacher. My sister’s son is a financial executive. My cousins that descend from Radziejow Jews include a Harvard Professor, a doctor, and four lawyers. The list goes on and on.

Can the residents of Radziejow from World War II honestly say that their children are as well accomplished? I suspect not. Ironically, the children of the Holocaust survivors could of and should have been born in Radziejow. It is my guess that these same Jewish children if they lived in Radziejow would not have been able to reach such heights.

What is sad is that Radziejow has lost this “brain power”. Radziejow, most likely would today be much more financially successful if the residents of Radziejow had welcomed the survivors back to Radziejow.

There is a great deal of evidence that the residents of Radziejow did the opposite. The Jewish Cemetery was destroyed AFTER the Nazi defeat. Ask yourself, is that the Nazis fault or the residents of Radziejow. I request that the grandchildren of the residents of Radziejow ask the question to their grandparents, “What happened to the Jewish Cemetery after the War?”


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