February 29, 2012

The Church and the Liquidation of the Radziejow Ghetto

During the long history of the Jews living in Radziejow, Jews never entered the church. My father told the story of a Jewish roofer that was hired by the church to make a repair. He fell from the roof and sustained a permanent injury. So, the day the Jews were removed from the Ghetto in route to the gas trucks, the Nazis made the gathering spot in the Radziejow Church off the town square. That church still stands today. One can easily come to the conclusion that this stopover was a harbinger for bad things to come. The Jews, who never sat in a pew, must have been thinking that the world has gone mad.
I wonder what the Priests and the citizens of Radziejow were thinking. Were they happy to see that the Jews were finally being punished for not accepting their religion? Or were they thinking, those poor Jews are forced to suffer their ultimate humiliation. We will never know, but what we do know is that the prodigy of those Jews are now outstanding citizens of other countries, be it the United States, Australia, Israel, and Canada. Only one Jew remained in Radziejow. He became a member of the church. His children are Catholics, while the rest of the children of the good Jews of Radziejow are proud Jews. Life is a mystery, for G-d works in mysterious ways.

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