March 6, 2012

New Developments on the Justice Front

With the help of sympathetic justice seeking Poles living in the United States and in Poland a new opportunity is emerging that may bring about justice concerning our property. As we speak, efforts are being made to hire lawyers that have the legal skills necessary to recover Jewish property in Poland.
Our sources have informed us that our property is not privately owned, but rather, it is owned by the municipality of Radziejow. This means that there has never been a transfer to private citizens, making it easier for recovery.
This Blog has always been dedicated to achieve two goals. First, that justice requires that our property taken during and after the war must be returned. And second, and more importantly, to document the life and times of the Jews of Radziejow.
It is my hope that with the help of the Polish Civil Court our first goal will be obtained. If that is achieved, then the good citizens of Radziejow can feel that justice was done towards its former fellow Jewish citizens. And for my part, I will be happy when I can remove the first goal from my website and concentrate on the history of the Jews of Radziejow in general and the Neuman family in particular.

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