March 30, 2012

The Official List of Jews Living in Radziejow in 1940

This handwritten list of Jews was compiled by the officials of Radziejow for obvious use by the Nazis. The total number of names on the list is 630. Thus, 630 Jews were living in Radzijow on the date this census was taken. It is stamped and certified by Krois Nessau, bearing his stamp. Page 5 , numbers 386 to 392 lists the names of the Neumans , my family, still living in Radziejow at that time. The list includes, Shimon, my Grandfather; Shmuel Mass, Machel, and Azrial, my Uncles; Gita and Malka, my Aunts, and Binem, my Father, Ben Neuman. The only member of my family on this list that lived thru the Holocaust is my father. That means 5 members of my family were murdered. My Grandfather died of disease/possible forced euthansia administered by the German doctor that treated my Grandfather with a questionable injection.

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