April 2, 2012

Searching the Web for the Jews of Radziejow

The testimony and evidence of the Jews of Radziejow and their life during the Holocaust can be found all over the web. Near the top are two pictures photographed in front of the Radzijow Synagogue, I believe its name was Ohel Sarah (Sarah’s Tent). The Jews are wearing the Star of David, so it was taken during the Nazi occupation of Radziejow. The burnt out building next to that photo is the synagogue after the Nazis blew it up. The Nazis actually tried to blame it on a Jew that had a matchbox in his pocket. Under that photo is a picture of a Nazi standing in a doorway next to two men. One man has an armband on it. But I do not believe he is a jew because he doesn’t have a Star of David on his coat, nor does the man next to him. Under that picture are two photographs of the town square where Radziejow Jews being ordered by Nazis. The Next you see a photo of the Jews in the town center during the Holocaust. To its Left, is a picture from the Sydney Australia Holocaust Museum showing Jews lined up in fron of Wysocki’s Man’s Tailor Shop located in the Radziejow Ghetto sometime between 1941 and its liquidation in April of 1942. The top right corner are the Nazis in the Radziejow town square performing some sort of ceremony.
There is is a photo of a man with a hat. His name is MAX SALOMON, during the war he served as a jewish policeman in Czestochowa, Poland.
“Though it’s difficult to distinguish in the above photo, there is a Star of
David affixed to his hat and the word “Police” is written on the band on his
left forearm. Max Salamon was born Mordke Salamonski in Radziejow,
Poland. He was a prisoner in Czestochowa in the labor camp. Although the family
wasn’t aware of it until this picture was found, he must have been a policeman
in the camp. He survived a forced march, when one thousand men set out, and only
175 survived. He emigrated to Australia after the war, married and had one
child. He died in 1964.
The next two pictures. are again from the Jewish Museum in Sydney, Australia.
“Concentration Camp Jacket Concentration camp jacket worn by George Grojnowski. George was born in Radziejow, Poland, on the 23rd January 1927. From 1940 he was interned in various ghettos and labour camps, the last ghetto being Czenstochowa, from which, in January 1945, they were bundled into cattle trucks and transported to Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. This jacket was worn by him while interned in the Buchenwald. At the liquidation of Buchenwald, he was on the Death March to Theresienstadt. He was liberated there by the Soviet Army on the 8th May 1945 and in whose honour and gratitude he changed the yellow triangle on this uniform to a red triangle.Donated by George GrojnowskiM2004/025Photograph of George Grojnowski taken shortly after liberation.”
I am sure there are more pictures. If someone has a new picture please respond.

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