April 10, 2012

The Faces of Death

This picture was taken just before the liquidation of the Radziejow Ghetto. The picture represents a cross-section of the Jews. There are children, young men, old men, young women and older women. Their clothing is old, but appears clean. There facial expressions do not indicate that they had any idea what will happen in the near future. A few look rather happy while others have the look of suspicion. We do not know who photographed the group or why. The one common thread of all is the makeshift “Star of David” they were all required to display on the front of their shirts or dresses.
For those, if any, in Radziejow, Poland, or anywhere else on this planet that believe Jews got what they deserved during the Holocaust, they should think again. For not one person on earth is different then the people in the pictures and it logically follows, that their fate can one day be your fate.


I am happy to announce that I am about to finish my first draft of my manuscript entitled, From Father To Son.  At this time, the main emphasis of the book will be a an account of my Father’s Holocaust experience.  It is based on tapes made by him before he died.  It will include factual background history, maps, illustrations, and photographs.  I am asking the people of Radziejow to send me any photos they might have or stories concerning Radziejow during World War II. Some of the characters in the book are your relatives and friends.  It is my intention to highlight those Poles and others that saved my Father’s life.  Already, I have written over two hundred pages. I have specific questions that need answers.

1.  Which church were the Jews gathered in prior to the gassing.  I assume it was the Catholic Church and not the Church taken over by the Germans?

2.  What were conditions like for the Poles in Radziejow during the occupation.  Before the Jews were deported and after?

3.  Were there any partisans that worked against the Nazis in Radziejow?

4.  Does anyone know what became of a shoemaker named Antoin Claus?

Judging on the response, there will be further questions asked of the residents of Radziejow.  Now is the time for the Poles of Radziejow to join hands with the Children of the Survivors of the Jews of Radziejow to create an accurate history.  Please join me in this effort. 

The book will consists of three parts.  Part One is my Father’s History. Part Two is how his suffering  effected my development.  The last part will try to find lessons to be learned concerning   G-d and Man’s relationship to the Holocaust.  I will do this  by scrutinzing events that took place in my Father’s experiences during World War II and see if those events hold clues about how such a tragedy could occur.

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